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Carrinho de Compras Vazio

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How to get there


> From the highway - A22 exit 8 (Algoz / Pêra).
> From EN125, in Pêra, follow the signs.
> GPS. 37º07’43.35’’N/8º19’56.04’’W¨

Check In


At check in you will have access to the city map and information about the activities of the day and about everything that happens in Sand City, so you can plan where and how to start the visit.

Rent a Vehicle


The rental of a buggy is strongly advised for families with children, people with some mobility difficulties or simply those who want to have a more relaxing experience, in which you can quietly visit the exhibition, stop and contemplate the sculptures.

City Tour


FIESA is the largest sand sculpture exhibition ever built, held in Sand City since 2003 in Pêra, Algarve, attracting thousands of visitors annually.

The festival is built by a group of sculptors, of different nationalities, who explore different sculpting techniques in sand, producing original pieces that stand out for their magnitude, technique and aesthetics.

FIESA is considered the biggest event of its kind in the world for using forty thousand tons of sand in a construction area of 15,000 m2 with sculptures that reach up to twelve meters high and which reproduce in great detail people, Objects and scenarios alluding to a theme.

This event takes place in Sand City, the sand city, which takes shape and receives sculptures that portray diverse themes and that already has more than 700 sculptures over the last 15 years.

The festival is organized by the company ProSandArt, which specializes in the production of the most varied sand sculpture events in Portugal, Turkey and Argentina.

At the time of the festival, Sand City offers a series of events parallel to the sand sculpture exhibition, such as activities and demonstrations on the sand carving technique, guided tours, workshops, video projections, and a cultural agenda with performances Artistic forms.

Take the kids to Sand City


The Sand City sculptures alone have a major impact on the smallest visitors, who marvel at the discovery of this original art form and the size of the sculptures.

In order to experience how to make a sculpture, Sand City has reserved an area where children can make their own sand castles.

The workshops are also fun activities that can catch the attention of the little ones.

The Gastronomy Sand City


Our bar adopted the "slow food" movement, which aims at the appreciation of food, the quality of meals through a production that values the product. The bread of our sandwiches is completely free of dyes and preservatives, the yeast used is obtained through the homemade pasta, not using industrial yeast. The menus are irresistible, we have a wide variety of sandwiches and rounds with absolutely delicious fillings. The esplanade is very nice with a lounge concept that recreates the ambience of the beach. At night it gains a new life and it is extremely pleasant to enjoy a drink while watching one of the spectacles of our cultural agenda.