Carrinho Compras

Carrinho de Compras Vazio

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By using thirty-five thousand tons of sand in an area of 15,000 m2, FIESA has become, since 2006, the largest sand sculpture festival in the world, bringing together some of the best experts in this new form of artistic expression.

The theme Mythologies associated history, thought and the sacred. Mythological figures from various eras and continents, such as elves, valkyries, mermaids, Greek gods, Africans, Americans and even D. Sebastião, the legendary Portuguese king killed in Alcácer-Quibir were represented in sand.

Large sculptures of antiquity, of medieval Europe and alluding to Christianity, were built in which the three-dimensional reproduction of the painting The Last Supper, painted by Leonardo DaVinci, was one of the most appreciated scenes.