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The invention of moving images was due to several discoveries, made for centuries in several countries of the world. Le Pince designed a film camera but it was Edison and the Lumiere brothers who perfected it in the nineteenth century.



The word itself comes from Latin and means letter. It is the art of exposing artistic writings, thoughts, stories, poetry, according to theoretical principles. It means an instruction or set of skills to write and read well. This art is very important in transferring knowledge from generation to generation.



The meaning of this word in Greek is "main construction", it is the process of designing and building the environment, it deals with the organization of space and its elements. There are several aspects of architecture, such as industrial, landscape, urban planning. The architecture has a more contemporary side and it can be said that a historical aspect, as example we have the baroque, classic or Gothic style.



Represents the total or partial relief image, there are various techniques of working the materials, such as chiseling, casting, molding or particle agglomeration for the creation of an object. Fiesa is mainly used for molding. The history of sculpture begins in prehistoric times and is transversal to all cultures.



It is the art of applying pigment in order to give it on a surface shades, tones and textures. The painting accompanies the human being throughout its history. Although during the classical Greek period did not develop as much as the sculpture, Painting was one of the main forms of representation of medieval peoples, from the Renaissance until the twentieth century.

Theater / Dance


Music and dance will have been Man's first artistic activities and to this day no people are known who do not practice them. The dance allows the artistic expression of the body and strengthens the feelings expressed by the music.



Music appeared in all cultures parallel to the development of the human being and integrates the most significant artistic, social and religious events of most peoples.